Teddy Bear Passport App & Pet Passport

Instantly create a unique Teddy Bear Passport / Travel ID App for iPhones & iPads. The teddy passport creator screen allows a child to take a photo of their teddy bear & enter teddy details to create a realistic looking passport that with personal details like birthday, name & type of teddy. The stamp pages use GPS & WIFI to create a variety of stamps (like Pokemon Go) at any location in a country or world (with date, city & country information), making the app work just at well at home as on international travels.

Don't forget you can use the Teddy Passport App to create amazing Pet Passports to record your furry (and not so furry) friends travels within your country or even international travels (subject to legal restrictions - check for specific travel requirements in your country of destination).


Simply enter the teddy’s name, date of birth, type and take a passport photo using the iPhone’s built-in camera to create an authentic looking passport / travel ID card that is unique to the teddy. You can stamp the interactive pages with automatically generated city, country & date information. There are sixteen stamp pages with up to six stamps per page which can be revisited time and time again.


The Teddy Bear Passport App is a unique travel app for kids that allows children to safely & instantly create a personalised passport / travel ID card that is bespoke to their own teddy bear (or monkey or rabbit).

The interactive stamp pages use GPS, wifi & 3G/4G to automatically create beautiful stamps with date, city & country of the teddy's travels turning all travels, whether local or international in mini adventures.
  • Easy-to-use

    Setting up a teddy passport takes less than 1 minute
  • Fully personalisable

    Key details are completely unique to your teddy
  • No data roaming

    Country stamps are created using network carrier info
  • Works locally

    Ability to stamp national trips & vacations by city rather than country
  • 16 stampable pages

    Record up to 96 journeys with option to purchase further passport pages

Olivia U.
“I love it! Roly has his own photo & everything about him. And I've stamped Finland, France and England already."
Charlotte S.
"Charlotte absolutely loves it. It's like a proper passport - it's excellent!"
Jan-Erik Paul
"The Teddy Passport app was created because my daughter didn't have a passport for her teddy rabbit. She loves it, so given how easy & common it is to take iPhones on holiday, we know that Roly will always have his passport with him to record his travels around the world (and our daughter's holidays)."



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